What Is Toph

Toph (টাফ) is the leading competitive programming platform in Bangladesh. On Toph, you can host programming contests easily and at scale. Toph can host contests with tens of thousands of participants, both online and on-site.

Online contests: Your participants can access the contest on Toph from around the globe.

On-site contests: Your participants can access the contest on Toph only through the devices you provide at the contest site.

Participants make submissions through Toph’s user interface. These submissions are run in a sandbox and evaluated automatically based on the programming problems’ specifications.

Key Features

Preset and custom contest formats Invite-only, passphrase, or open for all Block or disqualify participants Network and geographic restrictions Multiple standings with the option to freeze Review and rejudge submissions in bulk Manage announcements and clarifications Debug submissions in Drafts Host mirrors and replays as easily Plagiarism detection (in βeta)


Toph is software provided as a service. Our infrastructure scales to accommodate your requirements.

However, for on-site contests, you will need to provide workstations for your participants (and contest managers if they are also present on-site). The workstations must have Internet access and at least one of the supported modern web browsers installed. We provide a detailed handbook on hosting a successful on-site programming contest.

Submissions are run and evaluated within Toph’s infrastructure.


The quickest way to reach Toph for any support is support@toph.co.

For any questions regarding Toph and other services, please refer to this help website. And, for anything that is not covered here, you can always ask your questions over at Toph Community.


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