Hosting a Training Contest

Creating a Training Contest

To create a training contest, log in to Toph with your account and then navigate to the moderation area by clicking on the small gear icon seen at the top-right corner of the page.

Once you are in the moderation area, go to your contest list by clicking on the “Contests” link from the navigation bar. And, then click on the blue “Create” button at the top of the contest list.

Enter a title for the contest and a format (e.g. “ACM-ICPC Regional”, “Custom”, etc). Submit the form to create the contest.

In the next form, you can further configure the contest.

Below are brief descriptions of what each field is for:

Field Description
Title This sets the title of the contest. The title will appear everywhere this contest is mentioned.
Slug This is used as a part of the URL to the contest’s landing page.
Contest Format The format of the contest defines some of the default values of other options.
Tagline This sets a single-line description of the contest.
Description This sets the long description and details of the contest. It will appear in the contest lander page and will be visible to everyone.
Open Graph Image URL The image that will be used when the link to the contest is shared on social networks.
Banner URL The image that will be used in the contest lander page.
Organizer This sets the organization primarily engaged in organizing this contest.
Starts At The date and time when this contest will start.
Endless Makes this contest run endlessly.
Duration The duration in minutes for which this contest will run.
Event Multiplier This determines how the participants of this contest will be rated.
Unlisted This shows or hides the contest from others. You will need to uncheck this so that the participants can see the contest.
Invite-only This limits the contest to the people that you will invite from the participants list.

  • Published June 6, 2020