Contest Formats

Contest formats determine various contest parameters and rules (e.g. scoring criteria).

Toph currently has the following predefined contest formats:

Contest FormatStandingsScoringTestsPenalty
ICPC RegionalSimplifiedAbsoluteFull suiteYes (+20)
Informatics OlympiadPointsPartialFull suiteNo

You can choose “Custom” as the contest format to set all of the relevant contest parameters and rules manually.

Code Golf

In Code Golf mode contest participants compete to write the shortest possible solution for each challenge.

Two participants having solved the same number of problems or achieving the same amount of points will rank based on their total strokes. Strokes for each solution is calculated as the number of non-whitespace Unicode characters. Total strokes of a participant is the sum of the strokes for all his/her relevant solutions.

Each participant’s strokes are shown on the standings before the penalties.