Contest Tiers

Toph offers three tiers of contest hosting services for different scales and weights of competitive programming events: Training, Standard, and Prestige.

Prestige Standard Training
Contact us for national events and open for all online contests. Ideal scale for inter-university programming contests or similar. Training contests for participants from your own academic institution.
Pricing Paid Paid1 Free2
Participants ~500 ~50
Submission Queue Dedicated Shared Shared
Technical Support Priority Support Email and Phone Email
Moderators 50 15 5
Maximum Duration 7 days 3 hrs
Mock Contest3 Included Included -
Visibility Under "Featured", "Current", and "Upcoming" Under "Current" and "Upcoming", and on Toph Calendar Only under "Training"
Passphrase Sign-up Yes Yes Yes
Temporary Accounts Yes Yes No
Data Takeout Yes Yes No
Crededntial Emails Yes No No

Please contact us if you would like to have any minor relaxation of the limitations in your contest.

  1. We offer a discount for standard contests to academic institutions. Please contact sales if you are seeking for a discount as a non-profit organization. [return]
  2. Training contests are free only for academic and intra-institutional programming contests. [return]
  3. A short mock contest of up to 3 hours can be hosted for free under the paid tiers. [return]

  • Published June 6, 2020